Music Business Conference

Benefits of collaboration and innovation in the music industry

About the Conference

Jos Make Music

Nutrybe and MML have partnered together to educate creatives in the industry. We will be conducting a workshop on Music Business with focus on the Benefits of collaboration and innovation in the music industry.

Workshop will feature professionals in the music and entertainment industry and will have immense benefits to all the stakeholders within and outside of the music industry.


Thursday 22nd June 2023: 11- 12.30

VENUE: Kefiano Creative Hub, secretariat junction Jos.


What you will learn:

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing are essential to success in the music business. Create a strategy that sets you apart.

Importance of a team/ A&R

An A&R’s important role is to find talent. They help build a strong team and shape an artist’s career.

Licensing and Publishing

Licensing and publishing are critical for artists to earn money from their music. Protect your work and get paid.

Benefits of collaboration

Collaboration in music can lead to new fans, creative growth, and increased exposure. Work together for mutual success.